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Distillers Talk

Apr 29, 2022

Alan Bishop and Christi Atkinson chat with still maker and Moonshiners Master Distiller contestant Jason Harl of 13 Stills

Apr 22, 2022

Erica and Patience Fields of Brooks Grain join Alan Bishop and Christi Atkinson to chat about the company and Erica's 40+ years experience supplying rye and more to the spirits industry. We discuss grain trends over the past few decades and predictions for the future, including what we can expect to see with grain...

Apr 8, 2022

Alan Bishop and Christi Atkinson catch up with owners Josh Howes and Tommy Craggs at Watch Hill Proper, a new whiskey lounge and club in Louisville, KY. We're also joined by WHP Director of Operations Forrest Price and friends from the team at Castle & Key Distillery.