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Distillers Talk

Mar 24, 2022

Alan Bishop and Christi Atkinson chat with Australian distiller Nick Hope of Dusty Barrel about rice whiskey and using koji, as well as production and making the company sustainable.

Mar 18, 2022

Alan Bishop and Christi Atkinson welcome back Dr. Pat Heist of Wilderness Trail and Ferm Solutions for a discussion on yeast with friend of the show, Kent Mace

Mar 10, 2022

Alan Bishop and Christi Atkinson are on location at Donum Dei Brewery in New Albany, Indiana with owner/distiller/brewer Richard Otey. We discuss and tour the brewstillery's operations, and enjoy a flight of their products.

Mar 3, 2022

We're deep in a long recording week on-site, so're taking you to DT Blockbuster with a rerun of our interview/blending party with Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane.